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Time knows no remorse


Time marching on

“Try as hard as you like but you can’t stop the play
Of time marching on year by year, day by day.”  (Anon)

It’s a fact, unfortunately we can’t manage time or add extra hours to the day! However, what we can do is use the time we have as wisely as possible. You can focus on the stuff that is most rewarding and valuable to your business. Think about the value of your time in relation to tasks you’re completing.

Calculate your hourly cost and multiply it by the number of hours required to do the job. Add in the opportunity cost of not being able to complete income-generating work. If you’re inexperienced at the task you’ll take much longer than a skilled assistant who specialises in it. The fee for their half hour compared to your two hours is usually good value for money.Clock face

Time is often wasted in these areas when it could be re-purposed on more important areas of business:
– Frequently repeated tasks which could be systemised or automated. Investing two hours today could save half an hour per week. You’re into time profit after four weeks and save 24 hours a year!
– Jobs which are outside your skill set. A specialist will complete them faster and to a higher standard.
– Activities you aren’t inclined to complete. The ones you continually procrastinate which take up head space can be kicked into touch forever!

If you recognise that you could outsource tasks and benefit from regular support I’d love to hear from you. Please email me for a free consultation.



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