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Brain overloadThis ‘always on’ digital world demands that we’re almost always connected and productive. It can be a challenge to remain mentally switched on. There’s a need to be constantly vigilant and alert to new opportunities, whether it’s for personal or work reasons.

But wow, can it be tiring! The brain, like any other muscle gets more tired the more it’s used. Learning how to manage your mental speed control is essential to staying sane and avoiding burn out. Talk to any athlete and they’ll explain the benefits of rest in terms of repair, recuperation and reflection.

To increase your productivity here are six ways to build more rest and renewal into your daily routine:

1. Turn off your email
Yes, really! Ignore your email for an hour and see how much more productive you become. Better yet, limit yourself to checking emails every two hours from the start of the working day.

2. Change gear
The Pomodoro technique is a way of managing your time and concentration. It’s like mental interval training for the brain. Using sessions of contraction and expansion it makes the brain more agile and capable of shifting from low gear to high gear as necessary.
Here’s the method: set a timer for 25 minutes. Ready? Get to work. When the timer pings take a three- to five-minute break. Repeat this cycle three more times for a total of four pomodorithen take a longer break of 15 minutes.

Don't count the days3. Mobile silence
As with email isolation, turn your mobile to silent to guarantee uninterrupted focus. If there’s a call you can’t miss set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ and set that contact as ignoring the rule.

4. Perfect your practice
A common trait among successful people and great teams is consistency. To be top of the class in any field requires strict focus and a consistent effort, which comes from deliberate practices conducted at specific times over and over again. Practice doesn’t make perfect – perfect practice makes perfect.

5. Hit your personal pause button
If you find yourself being irritable or snappy with colleagues or family, it’s quite likely you’re stressed. As you notice this decide to do something about it. Have a pause while you reassess what’s making you stressed and whether you’re focussing on the important things in life.

6. Activate yourself
The human body was not designed for the sedentary lifestyle we all lead. Taking regular exercise breaks throughout the day or simply going for a walk at lunchtime helps recharge you brain. More importantly, it refreshes your physical and emotional capacities allowing you to focus better.

Keeping yourself refreshed every day determines how effective you’ll be the next. Save the mental sprints for when they’re needed!

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