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Is Email Marketing dying?


The rumours have been circulating for some time now that email marketing is on its last legs with the grim reaper hovering nearby. So is it worth putting concerted time and effort into email marketing or is this digital channel facing extinction?

Email v SMWell, I predict the end is not nigh. Although social media is effective for connecting with your customers email is still one of the best ways to reach them. Almost everyone’s got an email address and your customers are more likely to pay attention to what’s reached their inbox than filtering through the dearth of information available to them on social media.

Email marketing remains relevant in small business marketing for various reasons:

Send specific messages to segments of your lists
When using email marketing you can segment your list and send really targeted messages to each specific group of people. You can filter the data you hold about clients and potential clients according to individual pieces of data or combined criteria. For example, it could be a previous spend level, purchases by type of product, contacts who haven’t been in touch for 6 months or a set postcode area.

You can send the different groups appropriate messages whether its’ about special offers, an upcoming event or a link to a survey. Contacts receiving a personalised email which is relevant to them are more likely to be responsive.

Maintaining contact
Generally, the people on your database will have purchased from you or subscribed to a newsletter. One way or another they’ll have been in contact with you previously so it’s worth building relationships with them rather than letting the connection go cold.

Having habitual communication with your contacts means you enable them to recognise your brand and associate it with positive sentiments. When they’re ready to buy your company should be top of their mind.

Analyse your campaign’s performance
Whichever program you use for email marketing one of the best aspects is the performance results they provide you with. You get a wealth of detail about how many recipients opened your email, not only who clicked on what content but which aspect of that content – the text or the image. You can analyse the open rates, structure and content of your email marketing.

With all this information you can use trial and error to improve your campaigns each time, for example you can split a list into two groups and simultaneously try different content on each group. If it sounds complicated don’t worry, it isn’t! The programs provide help or tutorials to guide you through the processes.

Low cost
There are many software options for sending email marketing out, a lot of which offer free versions for companies with smaller lists. MailChimp is a very popular one and Aweber is great for setting up automated messages for a small monthly fee. Aside from your time there are cost effective options out there.Typewriter

Contact management
Using an email program to send marketing emails automates contact management. It allows contacts to subscribe and unsubscribe easily without you having to do the admin. Lists can be maintained within the program avoiding the need for costly databases.

As a marketing channel, email marketing is easy to use, affordable and provides a great way of engaging with customers. Unlike social media it offers guaranteed reach and as such, targeted interesting email marketing is alive and well. To find out how to craft better emails with compelling calls to action, give us a call on 0116 3184246.




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