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Marketing Via Your Email Signature

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Email marketers love a good call to action; email blasts aren’t released to the audience without a beautifully crafted reason to take the next step. But how often do you give a second thought to the one in your everyday emails?

You may send anywhere from tens to hundreds of individual communications on a weekly basis. Each one is guaranteed to be read by a contact interested in, or engaged with, your business. If you think of each email as a serious marketing opportunity it turns your email signature into a powerful tool to support your campaigns.

No doubt your email footer already gives information on who you are, where you work and ways you can be reached. You can boost its impact by updating your signature to include your current marketing campaigns.

There are numerous ways of pimping your signature, including plain text hyperlinks, embedded video links, pre-design social media buttons and promotional banners.

Not sure if it would work for you? Here are 6 simple ideas to try out.

Home Page

As a minimum you should include your company’s website in your email signature to spread brand awareness. However, it’s more powerful if your home page acts like a landing page. Using this method you drive your visitor’s attention to the next step you want them to take.

Case Study

If you’re contacting potential customers why not share existing customers’ success stories? Evidence that you’ve increased a business’s ROI by X% is very persuasive. Alternatively, you can simply use a customer quote in your email footer.


Whether your company is organising or attending an event it’s worth updating your signature to reflect that. Ask contacts to share the information or visit you at your exhibition stand, for example. It may not directly boost registrations but will at least increase awareness of the event and build connections.

Social Media

Unless you’re a big company which is easily found on social media it’s worthwhile including links to your company’s accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram etc. It offers people the chance to connect with your business outside the traditional communication channels.

Marketing Offer

If you’re running a special offer why not share it with the world? Expose it to a wider audience and build higher levels of interest. This works equally well for free consultations, product demonstrations, webinars, e-books and new services.


News of your company doing new things or being recognised for great work will send traffic to your blog expanding brand awareness. Updating your blog with useful information provides value to the business community and is more engaging for your visitors. Remember to include calls to action which may convert your readers into new leads.

If you found this useful see how we can help with your marketing. Email now.


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